Nepal Telicome(NTC) Promotional Offer GSM/CDMA/ADSL and FTTH Package

Nepal telecom is one of the largest telecom company of Nepal.It is owned by government.It has been providing wide range of services to its costumer. Recently Nepal telecom has announced to provide special offer to the customer.The promotional offer includes new ADSL offer and FTTH, whereas GSM, CDMA customers will get bonus for receiving international calls.

This offer valid after shrawan 30 mid nite  and valid for 90 days. This offer is not only for new customer but also for all old customers can get benifit from this.


Ntc has reduced  unlimited Ntc ADSL packages cost, with the new offer. The Ntc promotional offer includes 1 Mbps unlimited ADSL internet at Rs 1000 monthly. Before, 256 Kbps unlimited ADSL package  cost Rs 1017 per month. Similarly, they have also reduced the cost of volume based data package. Previously, the cost of 21 GB used to cost Rs 1980. Now the new volume based ADSL data package includes 15 GB at Rs 300, 25 GB at Rs 500, 40 GB at Rs 700. The speed of the volume based ADSL is also 1 Mbp

Ntc FTTH packages

Ntc has also doubled the volume of data with Ntc FTTH (fiber) service at the same price. 120 GB data of 10 Mbps FTTH internet for 3 months is now increased to 240 GB. Similarly, 250 GB of 10 Mbps internet for 3 months is now increased to 500 GB. 600 GB data package at 100 Mbps speed in 12 months is now increased to 1200 GB per 12 months.

 Ntc has previously done a trial of providing bonus to its mobile customers for receiving international calls. So, if a Ntc mobile (GSM or CDMA) gets international calls of 7 minutes per week, the subscriber will get 7 minutes of free call and 7 Free SMS as a bonus.

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