Battery Tips for Android

Battery Tips for Android (some of the concepts are valid on other platforms as well)

1. Toggle off LTE, WIFI, GPS, BT, NFC, Hotspot. Toggle on as needed.
2. Display Brightness - Turn off Auto Brightness and Reduce Setting Bar to Minimum.
3. Sign out of Google Latitude, GTalk, G+, Google Now, and Messenger. Disable Location Reporting/History.
4. Beware of constantly syncing Apps and Bloatware like Facebook, Twitter, News, Non-Push Email, etc. Set Sync interval for every 1 hour or more.
5. Turn off keyboard haptic feedback.
6. Don't use Live Wallpaper. Use dark wallpaper if possible.
7. Set Display Sleep Setting to 1 Minutes or Less.
8. Set WIFI to Always stay on during Sleep if only you regularly use WIFI.
9. Turn off vibration.
10. Be careful of using too many live widgets.
11. Sync Exchange Emails 30 Days or less.
12. Do NOT use a Task Killer App.
13. Check which apps are draining your battery the most and stop them or uninstall if you don't need them.
14. Turn on airplane mode when you sleep at night.
15. Turn off Settings > Display > Ambient display
16. Turn on the battery power saving mode if available.
17. Regularly update the device firmware from Settings > About phone > Software update.
18. Don't fully discharge or overcharge the battery except once in few months.
19. Turn off location tracking and Settings > Security > Device Administrator.

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