Annihilation of Caste Book Review

Annihilation of Caste It is a speech prepared by Bhimrao Amvedkar for the program of Jatapat Todak Mandal but not presented. Ambedkar is the author of the Constitution of India and a well-known name in the Dalit movement.

This book changes the perception of Gandhi. It still helps to understand caste system. Many people see Manusmriti as a book that initiates caste discrimination. But Gautam Dharmasutra is not much discussed. This is the scripture in which the Dalits have made a written law to put steel in the ears while listening to the Vedas.Similarly, this book has made cow slaughter a greater crime than killing dalits. It also provides for the punishment of crimes according to caste. This book discusses other Hindu texts from Gautam Dharmasutra and the role he played in maintaining caste discrimination.

The fact that Dalits have been exploited in every possible way and that efforts to end it have been thwarted by personalities like Gandhi forces us to question the history we know.

Amvedkar considers inter-caste marriage as an effective means of ending caste discrimination. Whether it is Brahmin or Rajput science, no one is considered a pure caste. Similarly, caste system is not only the division of labor but also the division of labor. This is not correct from any point of view as the choice of labor or the ability to be ashamed determines one's profession rather than the family in which one is born. And this division cannot be changed by anything. The child of the blacksmith family cannot be interested in reading the Vedas (let's not go into exceptions) he should work in the iron. That is why caste system is completely wrong. These and similar issues are presented in the book with very strong arguments.

Another interesting thing is the introductory part of The Doctor and the Saint written by Arundhati Roy at the beginning of the book. It also covers the history of violence against Dalits since Gandhi's visit to Africa and the structural disadvantages they face. It also introduces Roy's writing. There is a very important part. Only part of Roy has the status of being a separate book. This is a book that should not be missed. It is important for all Dalits and non-Dalits to read this.

Another thing is that in order to end the caste system in Nepal, one should check the DNA of each caste and check its mixture. Otherwise, the hollow pomp of this caste will remain for a long time.

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