Maile Dekheko Purus Hinsa

I saw thousands of articles written for women's rights. In thousands of gatherings, only women's issues came out. But no one was able to ask the man who stood in the crowd of thousands in silence. 

What is his pain??

Yes, I am also a woman. I also had to write about women's songs, mother's poems and women's rights. But I didn't write because only women are here! In some places men are also involved in violence.

It is heard from everyone's mouth, a man's heart is hardened. They often do not cry over small things. And they say, how ruthless these men are! But no one sees it, their tears are all gone, sweating. Who works hard every night for his family. How can a man who always stands with a soft smile even when he cries every night be ruthless?It is Said that, daughter is born with the fate of two houses. Why doesn't everyone think that a son is born with two responsibilities? Along with a woman, he also need to follow  his responsibilities, his responsibilities also increase.Everyone says she leaves the house where she was born. But why don't you think that another house is added to your life, his name is added to you at the new beginning of your life. Which becomes an important part of your life.

I still remember that day a few months ago when all the friends went for a walk, everyone went to buy things. Everyone thinks this is mother, that is mother. Regrettably, there was no one with me to buy something for my father. Even the boys were huddled in the shop with their grandson's wave hanging, the word 'father' was not heard from anyone in such a large crowd. Neither did I remember.

Yes, mother is great. The value of motherhood is priceless. When we were born, liters of blood must have flowed from the mother's body. There is no way we can pay the price of  streams of milk. I believe, mother shows the world. She stays in the womb for nine months. Her pain cannot be described by describing her pain.

Let's put our father in this place. Is it possible that the sweat that flows from the body of a child who has suffered for his family for the rest of his life is less than the blood that flows from the body of a mother when we are born? It seems that the sacrifice he made for her children is no less than that of a mother. Giving birth to a child does not make you a mother. If so, how many ignorant children are being born and thrown away day by day. How many die in the womb. How many rot in the streets. Who was born by the same mother.

Yes! I believe that the mother who gives birth is great. But  father who take all responsibility is also great to me.

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