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The Public Service Commission has announced that it will be calling for a re-application for candidates who had previously applied for the Gazetted Third Class (Non-Technical) Section Officer (Sakha Adhikrit) or Similar post, Non-Gazetted First Class Non-Technical Nayab Subba or similar post, and the Non-Gazetted First Class (Technical) posts. This is due to the loss of applicant data that was hosted on the Commission's server, which is operated by the National Information Technology Center.

Candidates who have already paid the application fee will not be required to pay any additional fee when re-applying. The Commission has stated that it is in the process of inviting candidates who have paid the application fee to re-apply based on the details of their payment kept with the Commission. The new examination schedule will be published as soon as possible, and a concrete action plan will be prepared and implemented to prevent this kind of problem from occurring in the future.

The Public Service Recruitment Management System (PSRMS) online system has been hosted and operated in the infrastructure of government integrated data center since 2071. This system has been effective in streamlining the performance of the Commission and providing services to candidates such as application submission, payment of examination fees, and printing of admit cards.

The Commission has been unable to access the details of the applications submitted in the advertisements for the Nayab Subba or equivalent and the fifth level of health services posts. Data recovery efforts are ongoing, but the Commission has been informed that it is uncertain how much data will be recovered. Therefore, the Commission is working on an alternative plan to conduct the examination of the pre-published advertisements.

Overall, the Public Service Commission is taking the matter seriously and is doing everything possible to minimize the impact of the data loss on candidates. The Commission has assured candidates that they will not be required to pay any additional fees when re-applying and that a new examination schedule will be published as soon as possible.

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